Ramadan and Imam Mahdi

Ramadan and Imam Mahdi (peace be upon him) precious government

Ramadan, the blessed month, the month of divine banquet, the month in which Quran was sent down and rains of revelation fell, the month of God's gentle breeze of kindness started once again and made people happy and exalted.

In this month, God summons all human beings to his great banquet (party). He does not refuse them any kindness or favor and provide them with all of his blessings. In this month the doors of the Heaven are open and the doors of the Hell are closed and devils are chained so that human beings pay attention to the holy essence of God and get ready to receive massages of guidance and salvation.

Ramadan is the month of penitence and return to the merciful God. It is the month of supplication and imploration to God. Our holy prophet (peace be upon him) stated: your prayers will be granted in this month.

One of the prayers in this month is that "God please bestow happiness and mirth on the dead ones ..." Our holy prophet stated: if a person says this prayer after each Salat (compulsory prayer), God will forgive his sins until the day of Resurrection.

The important point is that if we consider the sayings which are related to Imam Mahdi coming, we will understand that all of these ideals in these prayers will be granted in the precious and just government of Imam Mahdi and these prayers are the manifestation of his government, so God's guests in this month read this prayer and ask for the coming of Imam Mahdi. In this paper some aspects of this prayer is considered.

God please bestow happiness and mirth on the dead

This is the first part of the prayer. When will the dead be delighted and joy enter their graves? The answer is when Imam Mahdi comes. When he comes, everyone, even the dead in their graves will be delighted. Imam Sadegh stated that the faithful people who waited a long time for the coming of Imam Mahdi will get happy with his coming. "It is as if I see Imam Mahdi (peace be upon him) in Kufah, wearing our prophet's armour. In that time every believer, even the dead ones, will be delighted and the dead will meet each other in the grave and give the dead the news of the coming". In that time delight and joy will spread everywhere, from the sky down to the earth, from birds in the sky to fishes in the sea, from the defenseless oppressed to the dead in their graves.

God please satisfy the needs of the poor

In the second aspect of this prayer we say: God please satisfy the needs of the prayer. Eradicating poverty, creating economic welfare and satisfying the needs of the people are not possible without justice. Only in a just government these actions can be done. Poverty is the rotten fruit of the injustice tree and when justice prevails a country, poverty will vanish. Imam Sadegh (peace be upon him) stated: when justice domains in the country, people are needless. In Imam Mahdi government, poverty will be eradicated and God will spread his blessings among people.

Our holy prophet (peace be upon him) stated: in Imam Mahdi government, wealth will stack up. If a person goes to Imam Mahdi and ask for money, he will immediately satisfy his need. Imam's munificence is the result of his just government and the eradication of poverty.

God please feed every hungry person

When Imam Mahdi comes, every hungry person will be fed. Imam Sadegh (peace be upon him) stated: he will feed hungry people and let them taste butter. The government's wealth does not anymore belong to a special class and is spread among all people. In this society, justice and perfection are dominant, so there will be no hungry person.

God please clothe the naked

When Imam Mahdi, our forgiving leader, comes; there will be no naked person in the society. Imam Mahdi (peace be upon him) is the forgiving leader who gives abundant money to the people. His grants are agreeable.

God please pay the debts of every indebted

Imam Ali (peace be upon him) stated: when Imam Mahdi comes, he will pay the debts of people, return the rights of people to them, pay the blood money of those who are killed and pays their debts and help their family.

God please relieve people of their problems

Imam Mahdi (peace be upon him), with the favor of the almighty God, will end people's sorrow and eradicate calamity from the society. Our prophet (peace be upon him) stated: God relieves people of their tensions and problems through Imam Mahdi. He also stated: when he comes God will end the days of greed, tension and hardship.

Imam Sadegh (peace be upon him) stated: after a long time of calamity and sorrow, Imam Mahdi will relieve people of their problems. Good for those people who live in that time. Imam Mahdi (peace be upon him) stated: I am the last Imam and God will put an end to Shiaa's tensions and problems through me.

God please set free all captives

He is our just Imam who will set free all captives, relieve people of their problems, return every man in exile to his family and people will live in a just society. Our prophet (peace be upon him) stated: God will send one of the most pure and innocent men of my family, who is the manifestation of God's justice and blessing, to set free all captives of Islam.

God please eradicate corruption from Muslim's society

Imam Mahdi (peace be upon him), the promised reformer, will eradicate corruption, injustice and oppression from society. God will domain justice in the world through him.

God please cure all the sick

In Imam Mahdi government, science and culture are at their peak and sanitation is in good conditions. The number of diseases will decrease and less people will get sick. The incurable diseases will be cured by Imam Mahdi, so in his government all the sick will be cured. Imam Hosein (peace be upon him) stated: God will cure all the blind and the sick through us.

God please make us happy

When will sad people get happy? This is the question of a lot of people. The answer is the day in which cruelty, oppression, greed, spite and dispute are over; the day in which colonization, poverty, corruption and injustice are eradicated; the day in which justice is ruling over the world and people respect each other rights and reach scientific and moral perfection. All of them will happen in Imam Mahdi government.

God, you are the almighty

In the last part of the prayer, God's guests confess to His power and say: you are the almighty and the coming of Imam Mahdi is in the domain of your power. Imam Hasan (peace be upon him) stated: God, with his unlimited power, brings Imam Mahdi back to the people with the face of a middle aged man so that people understand that God is the almighty. Imam Mahdi coming is possible only when the almighty God wants. Our prayers for our Imam's coming are effective too, because Imam Mahdi (peace be upon him) asked people to pray for his coming. Pray a lot for Imam Mahdi coming and he will pray too. Mohammad Ibn Osman Omari, Imam's second agent said: I saw Imam in Kaaba for the last time. He was praying and said: God please make happen what you have promised me. So it is important for every believer to say this prayer every day, especially in Ramadan, and pray for Imam Mahdi coming.

Author: Abolghasem Latifzadeh

Translated by: R.S. Shadpour